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Soft tissue grafting is a procedure that is used to improve your body's seal around your teeth by increasing the attached gingiva around them. If you don't have adequate gingiva around your teeth or your gums have receded with age, a soft tissue graft from Dental & Implant Care might be the solution.

Worried about having dental surgery?

Soft tissue grafting is generally a short procedure; about one hour for one to three teeth with local anesthetic.

Do you still have questions about the soft tissue grafting procedure? Click here for additional information.

  • Less sensitive to temperature changes

  • Less susceptible to decay

  • More esthetic

  • Help prevent further recession even if no root coverage is achieved

Dental Urgent Care's office also offers the latest, state-of-the-art industry technology, including 3D CAT scanning.

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Soft tissue grafting

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